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Kestraa + 4 startups selected for a pilot project in spain

The Hop Brasil is a collaborative entrepreneurship program, promoted by brewery Estrella Galícia. It’s an ambitious digital transformation plan that started in Spain, in 2018. In its first Brazilian edition, Estrella Galícia selected Kestraa, along with 4 other startup companies, which will integrate new tools and business models to the brewery’s value chain. The selected startups will develop a pilot project inside Estrella Galícia’s ecosystem. In the span of a week, these startups, the Hoppers, will travel to Galícia to immerse themselves in the company’s operation and culture, including meetings with the brewery’s mentors.

And the SAP Latin America and the Caribbean Excellence award goes to…

We were awarded the SAP® LAC Partner Excellence Award, which is given to the best performing SAP partners in LAC region that also made relevant contributions into boosting their SAP customer’s digital transformation, helping them adopt innovation more easily, obtain faster results, grow with sustainability and execute tasks in a simpler way with SAP’s solutions. “SAP Partner Excellence Award exemplifies the objective, the commitment and the shared success that allow our partners, along with SAP, to continuously build value to our clients”, according to Pablo Signorelli, vice-president of global channels and general business for SAP Latin America. We received the award during SAP Field Kick-off Meeting in Miami, SAP’s largest sales meeting, focused on obtaining and sharing information on strategy, sales methodology, business growth opportunities and product innovation.

Kestraa tells stories and makes history at SAP NOW 2019

For the third consecutive year, Kestraa was invited to present its history at SAP’s biggest event in Brazil. In the 2019 edition, we presented our success case during “The Digital Era that Transforms Clients in Partners” panel. Every company is becoming a tech company and that is Kestraa’s history as well. We were able to share some of the challenges in innovating and creating new business and income models in traditional companies. Once more, to be a part of such a big event promoted by SAP was a great experience for us.

A chat between the team, with our vibe, about our brand

In 2019 we held the first edition of Kestraa Talk, an internal event in which our team discussed what our brand represents. Paulo Freitas, one of the founders at 99Taxi, had a chat with us and talked about the challenges, ideas, difficult moments and digital technology management. Lorena Bittar and Isadora Campos, both of a branding consulting company called Casa Rouge, exposed the dimensions of a commercial brand and the alignment needed for the team to row in the same direction. Everyone had a chance to speak and to listen and we continue to chase our goal of creating a relevant product and a brand that is admired for its qualities.