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Transform your passion for innovation in solutions which are revolutionizing the foreign trade management

Já pensou em fazer parte da inovação que está revolucionando o mercado de comércio exterior?

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What we offer to our employees

Team formed by experts

Be part of such transformation!

Conte a sua história e faça parte da revolução do mercado de comércio exterior. Envie seu currículo para!

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Testimonials of those who make it happen

How is it to work for Kestraa?

From the first day, Kestraa has always provided me with a great, open atmosphere, with wonderful and cooperative people! Foreign trade challenges are one of the great motivators for which our routine is always full of learning, both at the business area and at the product area. I am happy for being part of this team
Thiago Oliveira
Tech Lead
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Working for Kestraa is a real incredible experience, a daily learning, and an out of the curve evolution! We have a sensational team, enthusiastic about what they do, always seeking innovation. That is what makes unique each day of our work. It is great to be part of this wonderful Team! #GoKestraa

Rafael Botaro
Agile Master
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Coming to Kestraa meant having the perfect opportunity to conciliate my professional goals. Working for a startup with enormous potential to transform foreign trade through technology, breathing and delivering agility, invites me to daily leave the comfort zone in many aspects

Adriana Campiolo
Scrum Master
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Working at Kestraa for me is a mix of challenge and contentment. The company is very dynamic, uses several cutting-edge technologies, in addition to being in constant evolution. On the other hand we have people engaged with a common purpose, teams are fun and highly collaborative.

Rubens Santos
Product Owner (PO)